Song Of The Day: Passion Pit – Take A Walk

Passion Pit :: Take A Walk

You’d be surprised how long it takes to go through all of the increasing amount of concert video I take per show, but I’m sure you’d be less surprised to find out that this Passion Pit video has been uploaded for a good three weeks now and I just haven’t made time to do the post! Seriously though, it takes a good 30 to 40 minutes per video to upload to Youtube. Not to mention the time it takes to stabilize and/or crop the video. Anyhow, the last of my Postal Service videos is being uploaded as I am writing this post. I hope to do that write up in the near future so I can finish going through all the video from Bunbury this past weekend.

This Passion Pit show was an appetizer for The Postal Service, who were also performing at LC Pavilion. @AllyHilgefort and I bought tickets to that show faaar in advance, and when we saw Passion Pit was rolling through Columbus at the same time, we figured we should just make a mini-weekend-festival out of it. I would have otherwise been extremely excited to see Passion Pit if I hadn’t already seen their unimpressive performance when they came through Cincinnati with Youngblood Hawk six months prior. But it was convenient (although expensive), so I thought I’d give them another shot.

Why I Like It: I went with “Take A Walk” for few different reasons… One, it’s off their latest album “Gossamer,” and I like to try to feature recent tracks from artists. Two, they played it later in the show and there seemed to be more energy/emphasis than when they played “Carried Away” (my preferred single off “Gossamer“). Three, there’s a live performance accident in the beginning which I think are fun to see because you don’t get them on the album. And four, it encompasses all the things I still didn’t like about seeing Passion Pit.

The Rest Of The Show: Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Passion Pit’s music. Seeing them live, though, really hurts my perception of them and probably lessens how much I enjoy their music. I know that sounds crazy to say, but now when I listen to their music, I can’t help but see their lead singer awkwardly jump around stage pointing the mic at the crowd to sing the lyrics for him. That’s the biggest thing that I remember not liking from the show. It’s one thing to do that in the right spots (to his credit, the chorus of “Take A Walk” is the right spot), but he did it every song throughout the entire show. There’s more than enough video below if you want to see what I’m talking about. Also, call me old fashioned, but I didn’t care for the exorbitant amount of lights that were being flashed in my face. If you can’t provide enough energy to make it fun, then maybe you should just be a studio band. Lastly, the crowd was terrible. That isn’t entirely a knock on them, but it also kind of is. The teens they attracted made the show less fun, and the atmosphere suffered because of them. For example, there was a guy standing right behind us that spontaneously roared “I’M GONNA THROW MY BEER!”… and then proceeded to do so.

Now, I’m being hard on them due to my high expectations. As I look back over this video, I feel as though the nine dollar beers may have been impairing my judgment (in more ways than one). It wasn’t the worst show I’ve been to. Their live performance sounded really close to the album production, and with their style of music, that’s saying something. Before I first saw them, I couldn’t picture how they could achieve that sound live at a venue. While I don’t think I’ll be seeking out another show of theirs, it’s worth going to once. All the video from this show is posted below, but check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.

I’ll Be Alright

The Reeling

Carried Away

To Kingdom Come

Moth’s Wing

Cry Like A Ghost

Love Is Greed

Little Secrets

Sleepy Head

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