Song Of The Day: Ra Ra Riot – Dance With Me

Ra Ra Riot :: Dance With Me

Slowly but surely, I’m getting through all the video from the Columbus weekend. I’ve given myself the unofficial deadline for getting Passion Pit and The Postal Service posted before Bunbury (where I’ll likely amass a ton more video to go through). Truth be told, I’ve had the Ra Ra Riot video done for a few weeks, but haven’t made the time to post about them.

@AllyHilgefort and I saw Ra Ra Riot open up for The Shins way back on May 21st, 2013 and it was pretty good. As I mentioned in my concert review post for The Shins, Horse Shoe Casino turned out to be a fantastic venue. Ra Ra Riot’s entire set was in the day light, and it was a great atmosphere. I didn’t prep for Ra Ra Riot too far in advance like I normally do. My first real run through of “Beta Love” was the day of the show, and that’s about all I got through. I remember hearing about them back in 2010 when they gained some noteriety for “The Orchard” but never listened to them. They actually put out their self titled first album back in 2007, but it’s fairly ameture in my opinion. They formed while attending Syracuse- just playing house parties.

Why I Like It: It was a pretty tough call to go with “Dance With Me” for this post, but did so because it was the only song I recorded from their latest album, “Beta Love.” I don’t know where I’d rank it out of all the songs I’ve starred from them, but it’s certainly not my favorite of theirs. However, it is a fantastic single. There’s lots of chanting, recurring vocals, upbeat guitar, and a heavy handed downbeat that seems to be the signature of pop songs lately. Oh, and don’t forget that slow breakdown! I’m only somewhat mocking it- I starred it and found myself queing it up for a week or two after the show.

The Rest Of The Show: Was good, but I wasn’t that familiar with much of it at the time. Other than “Dance With Me,” I only managed to record “Boy,” their single from “The Orchard,” because it was the closer. I’m actually more fond of “Boy” over “Dance With Me,” but I thought it would be better to highlight one of their new songs, despite not capturing it in full. While I really enjoyed the music, it didn’t really feel like they were into it. Maybe it was that the venue was pretty empty at the time, but the singer especially looks to just be going through the motions. That being said, I would still go see them again- Ideally as the headliner next time. They’ve come a long way since their first album, and “Beta Love” is pretty good all the way through. Now that I’ve listened to the album for a couple weeks, my favorite song has turned out to be “When I Dream.” It’s much different than the rest of the album. The strings have a more prominent role, and snaps give it a unique sound.

Starred Songs: Dance With Me,” “Binary Mind,” “Beta Love,” “When I Dream,” “I Shut Off,” “Boy,” “Too Dramatic,” “Ghost Under Rocks,” and “Dying Is Fine.”


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  • “I saw Ra Ra Riot… and it was pretty good.” ?!?!?

    Pretty good? Try AMAZING, and AMAZINGLY FUN at that!

    And I thought they seemed pretty into it, especially for how mellow the crowd was. I mean it was a Shins show, so I don’t think we concert-goers were prepared for the energy that was Ra Ra Riot.

    I would LOVE to see them again… especially since my dancin’ shoes would certainly be ready to roll!

  • Great post. I personally would love to see you in your dancin’ shoes’

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